Woman Hides Vials of Crack Cocaine in Private Area

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Woman Hides Vials of Crack Cocaine in Private Area - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

A woman from Philadelphia allegedly placed three dozen vials of crack cocaine in her vagina in an attempt to conceal the drugs from cops.

A man reportedly tried to buy drugs from Marcus Gibson and his girlfriend, Ashley Bellamy, but when he produced only $50, Gibson brandished a gun and demanded the male get more cash.

The drug-seeking man went into a local store and called police. When cops arrived, they noticed Bellamy was walking strange and she soon admitted that she had hidden the drugs in her vagina for her boyfriend.

The couple was arrested and a police official states “It's true love in the 'hood. Thank God the lady didn't have a snake or a crocodile, or we'd really have been in trouble.”

Last year, another woman tried the same approach. After being detained for an unrelated matter, officers found three bags of heroin in her coat, and she later admitted that there was more stashed in her vagina. In the end, 54 bags of heroin, 8.5 pills, 31 empty bags and $51.22 were found inside of the lady.