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    Stoner Dogs on the Rise

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    Stoner Dogs on the Rise - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    In Colorado, one of several states where medical marijuana is legal to possess and sell, there has been a rise in dogs ingesting their owner’s stash. Whether it happens by accident, when the dog gets into the owners medical marijuana laced baked goods, or on purpose, when the owner intentionally gets their dog high, veterinarians say that marijuana can be toxic for a dog. They also say that it can even be fatal in more serious cases.The number of dogs that are being treated for ingesting marijuana has risen dramatically since medical marijuana was legalized.

    Only two reported cases have been fatal.

    "They basically have lost a lot of their fine motor control, they have a wide-based stance and they are not sure on their feet," said veterinarian Doctor Debbie Van Pelt.

    While medical marijuana has been legal in Colorado for 12 years, voters will now decide whether or not to legalize and tax recreational marijuana on the next ballot. According to a poll conducted by the Denver Post that says over half of the voting public supports the measure, it looks like it might pass.