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    7 Fun Facts About Facebook

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    7 Fun Facts About Facebook - as part of the education series by GeoBeats.

    Here are 7 fun facts about Facebook.

    Number 7 - Facebook's logo has a blue background because Mark Zukerberg is colorblind. In a recent interview he said, "I'm colorblind. Blue is the color I see best."

    Number 6 - Even NASA's mars rover curiosity has a Facebook page with nearly 400,000 likes. In one of its recent updates, it posted - Dig this: I'm getting ready to use my scoop and sampling system for the first time.

    Number 5 - One of the most popular dogs on Facebook is a Pomeranian dog - Boo, with more than 5.4 million fans.

    Number 4 - Scores of criminals around the world have been caught through their Facebook pages. For instance, a couple of not so bright crooks in Colombia were arrested after one of them forgot to log out of his Facebook account at an internet café before getting away on motorbikes.

    Number 3 - Surprisingly, Mark Zuckerberg is not the world's youngest billionaire on the Forbes 2012 list. Rather, it is the 27-year-old Dustin Moskovitz who was Facebook's 3rd employee. Moskovitz is 8-days younger than Zuckerberg.

    Number 2 - Rapper Eminen is the most popular celebrity on Facebook with more than 60 million likes on his page.

    Number 1 - Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that Facebook reached an astounding 1 billion active users per month.