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Great Troubles 1961 БОЛЬШИЕ НЕПРИЯТНОСТИ English subtitled Russian Cartoon

6 jaar geleden339 views



Animation by the Brumberg sisters and the first "new - non disney"Russian animation.

It was a tour de force to translate it. The offscreen text is the story of the little girl who repeats idiomatic expressions which she doesn’t understand .These idiomatic expressions are shown in the picture area as they are represented in her mind – in the literal sense. As they are russian expressions, for english understanding you need footnotes to the literal expression that is visualised.
To even make it worse in Russian the complete cartoon is in rhyme.
Sometimes I added a word to the expression to associate it with a comparable english expression.

Also I made a rhymed translation as much as I could, which leaded to crippled rhymes, added rhymewords, rhytmic imperfections etc.etc. Any suggestions for improvements are welcome.

The animation itself is quite special, and a complete revolution in 1961

The brumberg sisters invented Rotoscoping animation in 1943 ( animation drawn after live footage). It became a standard in russian animation in the early fifties as it fitted the dogma that art should be 'social realistic'. After the death of Stalin the strive for realistic depiction sort of faded out in animation but with this cartoon it was loud and clearly broken with. Thematically the social satire, the depiction of social trends of 1961 (beatnik generation), showing corruption and embezzlement as a part of everyday life, the adult content is as revolutionary as the art style, which actually is quite ageless.
The film is made a year before Fedor Kithruk's "The story of a crime" ,somehow in the minds of many film-scientist the start of the russian animation revolution.
But this one really is, and more deservedly and more radically so! + as a sidenote: kithruk is on the role of "Great troubles"as one of the animators. It must have inspired him, as all of the people that worked with the Brumberg felt encouraged, energized and inspired by them. their sense of humor, enthousiasme and charisma was legendary at the soyuzmultfilm studio.
Film scientist tend to overlook the role of the females in Soviet animation, but the brumberg where at it's core from it's birth around 1927 till it fully mad come to bloom in 1975, in which year Valetina died and Zinaida stopped. More then any other director they are soviet animation, from it's heart to it's conscience, and with the largest production of them all, deliverd year by year like clockwork throughout their whole carreer, and through all the ups, downs and disasters the soviet union went through.

Soft Subs (CC) can be activated with the (hidden) button at the top of the screen.
Any suggestion for improvement of the translation, it's rhyme or rhytme is very welcome as it is far from perfect!

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Great Troubles 1961 БОЛЬШИЕ НЕПРИЯТНОСТИ English subtitled Russian Cartoon
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