Overson L116 is copyright rules vs messages from heaven

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L116 is about You Tube’s too strict copyright rules. Since You Tube never answered my letter about class 103 I made this video about it. It’s also about how heaven communicates with us through songs, movies, commercials, etc. Like my class L112, (15 min here at Vimeo), that amazed me at how our Founding Fathers through the greatest generation can communicate to US from heaven. That was condensed from L109 which is 1:37 hours, but at 1:27 to 1:31 hours I explain the 911 disaster as a red California or the west coast verses the stuck up east coast. That was my most bold explanation of it so far when I finally had the guts to be honest about this problem. The first time I talked about it is on the first hour of class 195, after 30 years of noticing there was a slight problem between the east and west coasts in class 195 was the first time I ever tried to explain it, (at 1:46 I explain the signs of California Happy Days gone to wasTE). The reason I mention it here is to confirm the divine signs in this class of God correcting that problem on the east coast with the 911 disaster. Like I said to Steve Tyler who is parallel the east coast in this class, “sorry partner but I got a sign that I wasn’t being ‘too mean’ to you”.
On my first watch of this at Vimeo at the thumbnail scene of the three Barbies that are playing God and saying “you’ve got a friend in me” was at 6:30pm on 10-5-12. That was God obviously (#63) reminding me of how much I loved the east coast represented by (the #10:05 means:) Mystic, Connecticut in class L94, this is what I wrote about it: I posted this at the Vimeo group New York because of what I put in here from 40 to 69 minutes.
My affection for the east coast was more obvious and magical in the same class L109 mentioned above, here’s what I wrote about it: It’s my best review and summary of US patriotic history at Pearl Harbor, Camden to Trenton New Jersey, then to Brooklyn Heights, Saratoga and Yorktown. God was confirming both that the east coast has “a friend in me” and that wounds from a friend are better than kisses from an enemy, (in pointing out that you are a bit too stuck up on the east coast).
It’s very ironic that the last time I had to update a description to a class because of the big revelations I got after making it was to class L97 here at Vimeo. It’s ironic because as if it wasn’t bad enough that a California kid had to chew out the east coast it’s even more amazing that I could get away with doing that to Europe, but it’s been over three months and it’s starting to look like it was valid criticism. I’ve been waiting to do a class about the obvious long time affection that God has with Europe, (like for helping getting the Christian religion started in The New Testament). I guess I have to be patient and keep waiting until I can get a magic class to make up for that bad start with Europe in class L97.
Class L116, (and L94, L112 and L109), can be downloaded from page 17 of MikeOversonEndTimes.COM.