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    Macbeth / G.Verdi / Act 1 / Duet '' Sappia la sposa ''

    Leyla Soner

    by Leyla Soner

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    By anvasili73 years ago
    Nicholas Antony  Paraskevas
    PrincessofMacedonia ! Why are you deliberately publishes same operas uploaded by Nicholia , Is there any other opera works ? She published Macbeth you follow up with a separate Macbeth , she uploaded Norma , you respond with a different Norma . I do not want to be involved in contestation between you but it seems ridiculous to me.
    Leyla Soner
    Nicolas , they are very young and musicality is gained late ,teams in your videos made up people over age fifty, yes, your criticisms has merit but getting to know them luck . You're right soprano is very high pitched ,should been chosen somewhat more dramatic, bariton has not shortness breath just he has real longed musicality. What is wrong in my choice which is different from yours there are some extra parts?
    By Leyla Soner3 years ago
    This is very fantastic, Italy has the largest concentration of opera art in the world ,remains best. Guest's criticisms very trivial .
    By PrincessEphesus3 years ago
    Torturous thoughts almost drive him crazy ; Specially Lady Macbeth hasn't sympathy for these pangs of conscience :)
    By Linda3 years ago
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