Christina Hendricks Stops Interview Over Full-Figure Comment

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No, she's not being sensitive about her body. Assuming she owns a mirror, she knows she's attractive,. But jeez, sexy actresses are a dime a dozen. She's famous because she's a fine actress. So how about askin a question about acting?

Hey Jon Hamm, you're looking buff. Hey John Slattery, how do you feel about how your butt looked in your nude scene?
By isaac32767 3 years ago
proportionally speaking, this female is a man target, a perfect breeder, an every day orgasm schedule. she's jaded by the cruel and selfish skin and bones beaches that just don't measure up.
By Nancy Smith 3 years ago
Voluptuous would have been a better word. Full-figured doesn't't necessarily mean overweight, but most women think it does. My thin but curvy wife reacts the same way, and to Hendrick's mind, he had just called her a fat cow!
By dm_50ba2716357cf 3 years ago
we all look different than everyone else.some slimmer some not. she is lovely
By dm_5098861508e09 3 years ago
Somebody should sling a feedbag full of oats over her maw.
By Joe Dutra 3 years ago
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