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    Smirk In Chief

    Nick Furry

    by Nick Furry

    The RNC just came out with a new video summing up the dynamics of last night’s presidential debate. It’s called “Smirk”, but it could have been called “Smug”. While Obama got schooled by Mitt Romney, he maintained a continuous display of smug expressions.

    Exactly 12 hours after the first presidential debate ended, the Republican National Committee has released a new web video that zooms in on what pundits are calling his “smirk” at many of challenger Mitt Romney’s lines Wednesday night.

    From the RNC: “Good morning, we’re out with a new video ‘Smirk’ highlighting the president’s debate performance where he was visibly uncomfortable as he struggled to give Americans answers on how he’ll turn our country around with another four years. As Morning Joe said this morning – it appeared as if Obama thought debating was beneath him.”