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    College Student Jobs - Facebook Bucks!!!


    by iamtayhines


    College Student Jobs - Facebook Bucks!!!

    Heyyyy!!! You will love this I promise you! It is soooo easy. Being in college and having a traditional job can be tough I know. That is why I am thankful for facebook. All I do is use facebook and other social networks to promote benefits for this company. Feel free to inbox me on FB. You already promote you probably just don't get paid for it haha! Below I will give you a few of the benefits you will have while you are promoting!

    As a Member you are PROTECTED 24 HOURS A DAY WHETHER YOU ARE OUT OF TOWN, ANOTHER STATE, AT HOME, WORK, or PLAY with these benefits...

    UNLIMITED 24/7 road side assistance for your car & motorcycle

    Towing up to 100 miles (AAA only tows 5 miles before charging you)

    Emergency Room Benefits (paid directly to you)

    Hospitalization Benefits ($150 per day paid directly to you)

    Bail Bond $25,000

    Arrest Bond $500

    College Student Jobs - Facebook Bucks!!!

    Accidental Death Benefits (up to $50,000)

    Hotel Discounts at most major hotels & motels

    Car Rental Discounts at all major car rental companies

    Travel Planning & Travel Assistance

    Dental Discounts (dentist visits and dental work)

    Prescription Discounts (discounts on all of your prescription drugs)

    Vision Care Discounts (eye doctor visit discounts & discounts on glasses/contacts)

    Credit Card Protection up to $1,000

    Attorney Fees up to $3,000

    Emergency Travel and Living Expenses

    Touring and Travel Services

    $5,000 Stolen Vehicle Reward

    Lawyer Service for Vehicle Damage Matters

    Lawyer Service for Auto Manslaughter, Auto Assault, and Battery

    Lawyer Services for Moving Violations & MANY MORE!!

    College Student Jobs - Facebook Bucks!!!

    I hope to hear from you soon! I will do my best to help you succeed with this! Let's have fun and make money while in school!