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    Nicki Minaj threatens Mariah Carey on TMZ video

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    "Off with her head!" Nicki Minaj yells at Mariah Carey in an awesome video obtained by TMZ. Tensions had been brewing between the two American Idol judges throughout auditions and erupted with a dispute over an American Idol contestant's performance.

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    Oh, TMZ how do you even get this stuff? In the video Nicki Minaj yells things like, "I'm gonna knock you out!" and "I'm not f---ing putting up with your f---ing highness over there" in reference to Carey. Mariah also had got in her share of jabs at Minaj, but they were hard to hear on the video.

    The whole brouhaha reportedly started with an argument over contestant's performance. American Idol's other two judges, Randy Jackson and Keith Urban, tried to diffuse the situation, but to no avail.

    Although this seems perfect for pseudo-reality TV, producers are actually worried about what it means for the future of the show. Having a panel of judges with poor chemistry may prove to be disastrous for a show with already sagging ratings.