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    The Michael McGillicutty And Seth Rollins Confrontation!


    by southboi04

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    Michael McGillicutty comes out to the ring and grabs a mic, Michael says that he heard that he is the number one contender to the NXT Championship. He also heard that this is Seth Rollins’ first title defense. It may be his first, but it will also be his last. He could talk about that all day but he wants to say something to Seth Rollins’ face. He wants Rollins to come to the ring right now.

    hen NXT Champion Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring and Michael calls him a paper champion. Seth asks Michael if anyone told him that he talks too much. He tells Michael that when he is in the ring, no one can deny how talented he is, but it is easy for us to forget because he runs his mouth non-stop.

    Seth says that Michael wants to call him a paper champion, but it seems like Michael does not have any respect for him.

    Michael says that he never had any respect for Seth and he never will.

    Seth says that there is nothing phony about his title and that is all the proof that you need. Seth says that he never had the footsteps beating a path for him. Seth says that he has earned everything. He says that the time for talk is over so why not do it right now, instead of waiting for next week.

    Michael backs to the apron when Seth appears to be ready for a fight. Michael says that he will do this when he is ready and he leaves the ring.

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