Rice Cooker and Warmer - Zojirushi NS-MYC10 Micom Fuzzy Logic 5.5 Cup

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Rice Cooker and Warmer - Zojirushi NS-MYC10 Micom Fuzzy Logic 5.5 Cup

- 5-cup capacity; four rice settings: white, quick, porridge and mixed/sweet
- Microcomputerized Fuzzy logic temperature control system
- Spherical heating system ensures perfect cooking every time
- Extended keep warm setting keeps rice tasty for up to 12 hours
- Reheating cycle warms rice to serving temperature

This rice cooker cooks up to 5-1/2 cups (enough to feed five to ten people or more) of a variety of rices--white, sweet, porridge, and mixed--for accompanying stir-fries, stuffing peppers, or rolling sushi. The LCD screen is easy to read and the push-button controls are simple to program once you’ve mastered them. After loading your rice and water into the inner pan and choosing the type of rice you are making from the menu, the microcomputerized "Fuzzy logic" temperature control system calculates the exact cooking time (usually between 45 and 70 minutes) and programs it for you. The Fuzzy microchip combined with the unit’s spherical heating system, which cooks on all sides of the inner pan, ensure perfect rice every time without burning or overcooking. You can also set the timer manually in 30-minute increments for cooking times of up to 13 hours. When cooking is complete, the cooker beeps eight times and automatically shifts into a Keep Warm mode, which keeps rice warm for up to 12 hours after cooking is complete. An Extended Keep Warm function warms rice for up to 8 hours at a lower temperature and reduces the chance of rice drying out or becoming discolored or odorous. If rice is still not eaten by then, there is another opportunity to give it a warmup of between 5 and 15 minutes using the Reheat key.

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