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    Woman Had Part of Skull Kept in Stomach While Brain Healed

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    Woman Had Part of Skull Kept in Stomach While Brain Healed - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    In an incredible story, Jamie Hilton had a fragment of her skull kept in her stomach for more than 40 days following brain surgery. Hilton is a mom of three children and a former Mrs. Idaho beauty queen. She was initially given a 50% chance of surviving after an accident in June. Hilton was taken to the hospital and underwent a procedure to have her brain ‘drained’ because of severe swelling and bleeding. Doctors removed 25% of her skull, placing it into her abdomen, to ‘keep it nourished’ and reattached it once the brain had time to heal. Hilton states “NOTHING in this world really matters to me today other than I AM HERE. I am on this GLORIOUS earth with my unbelievable family.”

    Doctors performed another unthinkable procedure this year. Sherrie Walter had lost a good portion of her ear to cancer. Surgeons at the Johns Hopkins Hospital grew an ear out of Walter’s own tissues. Doctors placed the growing ear under the skin of her arm for months, before re-attaching it to her head.