Magician David Blaine prepares for his most electrifying stunt yet.

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No stranger to death defying stunts - David Blaine has a new electrifying trick to try out.

Scary as it looks, this is just a preview for his upcoming challenge, which will see the magician covered from head-to-toe with one million volts of electricty for 3 days and 3 nights.

Called Electrified, Blain claims it will be his most daring stunt to date:

SOUNDBITE (English) Magician David Blaine, saying:

"I personally think the big risks are the unknowns, things that happen that you didn't anticipate, things that can happen in the future. Being exposed to an electromagnetic field for that length of time for three days and three nights has never been done. So it's obviously going to effect - we're made out of electrons, neurons, so it's going to affect everything that I'm made out of. So we don't know actually what the effect is."

Wearing a custom made metal suit and special boots lined with metal, Blaine took numerous hits of electricity.

And certainly this level of electruction he found enjoyable:

SOUNDBITE (English) Magician David Blaine, saying:

"It's like a static, it's like a buzz, it's like a static electricity almost, like when something runs over your arm and your hair goes up. So it's a pretty cool feeling."

For the past decade Blaine has kept busy with a range of stunts.

Now a father to a 20-month-old daughter though - Blaine said he has a new focus.

SOUNDBITE (English) Magician David Blaine, saying:

"Well now I have a better reason to make it through in one piece."

David Blaine "Electrified" will run in New York City from October 5-8.