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    Origami Effect by Andrew Mayne (DVD) - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    Instantly turn a slip of paper into the origami shape of the animal a person is visualizing in their mind. Turn a borrowed bill into a butterfly. Tear up a newspaper and produce an animated origami rabbit. Andrew Mayne presents The Origami Effect powerful visual magic that lets you give form to thoughts.
    The Origami Effect A spectator thinks of an animal from a list of over 40 different origami shapes and you change the Post-It-Note into the animal instantly before their eyes.
    The Recycled Rabbit Tear a sheet of newspaper to pieces and then restore it into an origami rabbit that cant sit still. Great for kids and grown-ups alike. Takes only minutes to prepare.
    Psychic Origami Borrow a dollar from a spectator and change it into the animal theyre visualizing in their mind. Includes multiple presentations.
    Wineglass Origami A devious way to change a borrowed bill into an origami shape right under your spectators noses.
    The Origami Effect is a one-on-one teach in style DVD. Youll learn different handling techniques as well as Andrews extremely practical and deceptive method for forcing words and images.
    Running Time Approximately 65mins