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    Further Education by John Archer and Alakazam (DVD) - Magic Trick

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    Brand new from John Archer FURTHER EDUCATION features more of Johns explosive blend of comedy mentalism and magic all packed into two high-energy discs of entertainment
    You will get to watch a full LIVE performance of John at his very best - not only performing a collection of KILLER routines but also mixing it with plenty of his superb comedy. There is much to be learnt from watching John really working the crowd and creating an entertainment experience like no other. There are gags-a-plenty throughout these professionally honed routines that you can add to your shows immediately
    After the show John is joined by Peter Nardi to teach the inner-workings that make up each of these gems in full detail so you will be performing them in no time
    This is a MUST-HAVE set for any serious entertainer and will be a valuable addition to your collection
    The Further Education Stand Up Show
    Blank Night Johns extremely clean version of the bank night plot is a super-charged routine that is jam-packed with perfect in-built comedy audience participation and a plot packs in plenty of entertainment value for an opening routine Something nothing mine yours or... sex
    De-Ja-Tu A girl is thinking of a card and a man is invited to deal freely through a shuffled deck of cards. Amidst a cavalcade of comedy the couple end up with a coincidence that is as baffling as it is entertaining in short a brilliant two-person mind reading effect that appears to happen between the minds of the spectators.
    One Lucky Number Serial divination given the Archer treatment Imagine taking a usually smaller effect and turning it into a full stand-up performance piece Think serial number burnt amp restored note and signed note in wallet all rolled into one mega magical extravaganza
    Soundbox A hilarious routine in which you gamble everything on a simple game of choice One box one lock five keys and tonnes of entertainment A well-construct