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    College Network Nursing Rodrick Earns His RN With The College Network


    by CollegeNetwork

    15 views Rodrick Thomas chose to become a nurse thanks to both an interest in the profession and a family full of good examples. "I really enjoy helping people and I come from a background full of nurses, LVNs and RNs alike. It's just something I felt like I wanted to do. And once I got into it I knew I was in the right place," Rodrick said. "I'm really glad I chose nursing as a profession because I have positively touched so many people in my line of work."

    Rodrick's experience with The College Network's help was positive as it helped him make his dreams come true. He enjoys studying at home as opposed to the classroom because he gets to work full time and it’s convenient.

    The College Network's modules were also a benefit in helping Rodrick learn the material without being too overwhelming. The modules are informative, in depth and self explanatory and the tests themselves are multiple choice format.
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