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    College Network Nursing: Erica Earns Her RN with The College Network


    by CollegeNetwork

    25 views Faced with the expenses of raising a teenage daughter, Erica made the decision to earn her Associate Degree in Nursing with the help of The College Network. Erica was financing her education on a limited budget, so the notion of taking unnecessary prerequisite courses through a local university program concerned her. Erica discovered that with a distance learning education from The College Network, she could earn her RN certification with a course load which was structured and to-the-point, free of any hidden classes or added charges.

    To stay focused on her goal, Erica created a personal timeline for herself. Because online courses from The College Network can be accessed 24/7, Erica's classes were a flexible fit with her busy schedule. When the time came for her clinical examinations, Erica felt more than ready for the challenge.

    For Erica, earning her RN through online education proved to be a life-changing career decision. She has since obtained an RN position in a general practitioner's office, where she serves as a supervisor. Her steady schedule leaves her with more time to spend with her family. She now vacations twice a year and is able to enjoy the things she loves most.

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