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    Jang Geun Suk - Alien Sam - Part - 17- 18



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    In Alien Sam Drama, Dear Jang Geun Suk playing main role. Ah! He is fantastic and a wonderful teacher. Very handsome and very talented. My fascinating and wonderful, my teacher.

    Title: 에일리언샘 / Eillion Saem / Alien Sam
    Chinese Title: 外星人之泉
    Also known as: Alien Teacher / Bong Sam
    Genre: Comedy, Scifi, Children, School
    Episodes: 26
    Broadcast network: Tooniverse
    Broadcast period: 2006-Jan-12 to 2006-April-7


    Alexander is a reptilian prince from another planet who lands on earth. He disguises himself as a human named Bong Sam and works as a teacher at a middle school.


    Jang Geun Suk as Bong Sam / Alexander
    Yoo Seung Ho as Wang Hae Ryong
    Park Seul Gi as An Hyo Ri
    Yoo Se Na as Hwang Se Na
    Kim Neule as Bae Yeong Hwan
    Che Lee Al as Ma Bin
    as Chae Yu Ri
    as Seon Pung Un
    as Ok Gu Seul
    as Kang Mal Ja
    as Kim Yong Shik
    as Na Bo Ah
    Kim Da In
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