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    Race in America: White Student Union roils Towson University

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    An attempt to form a White Student Union at Towson University in Baltimore has captured the country's attention. The White Student Union would aim to preserve white pride and provide a safe haven for white students who've experienced discrimination.

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    White Student Union coordinator Matthew Heimbach doesn't see why a White Student Union would be a problem. "You have a Black student Union who promotes black heroes, we want to do the same thing," he told the campus newspaper.

    Heimbach may have trouble finding an advisor for the group, which it needs to be recognized by the Student Government Association. Earlier in the year Heimbach led a Youth of Western Civilization group, but it was quickly kicked out of the Student Government Association after the group held displays against Islam, same-sex marriage and multicultural education.

    Heimbach says 17 students are interested in joining the White Student Union, saying it is a way to preserve "white culture." Hmmm ... If we recall correctly, whenever a group of white people gets together to celebrate their race, it hasn't fared so well for other people.

    Another student group called Love is Louder has tried to counter the negative press by "speaking love instead." We want to know: Whose side are you on?