Cock Douglas - The Devil song

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COCK DOUGLAS WAS BORN IN A SMALL TOWN OUTSIDE THE CITY OF MANCHESTER. HE GREW UP IN A LARGE BLUE COLLAR FAMILY. AT AN EARLY AGE COCK BEGAN TO LEARN HOW TO PLAY THE GUITAR AND WRITE SONGS. BECAUSE OF HIS FAMILY'S LACK OF RESOURCES HE LEARNED HOW TO PLAY ON A GUITAR BORROWED BY AN OLD BLACK BLUES MUSICIAN IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD. BY CHANCE HE WAS GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO PERFORM AT THE AGE OF FOURTEEN TO AN AUDIENCE OF THOUSANDS ALL OVER THE MIDDLE EAST.AT THAT TIME COCK HAD AN AWAKENING AND WHEN HE RETURNED HOME MUSIC NOW WAS THE FOCUS OF HIS LIFE. cOCK PREFORMED WITH MANY CHRISTIAN ROCK BANDS IN THE 90'S INCLUDING FIT4FAILURE AND SLOT CAR, BUT AFTER YEARS OF PLAYING christian music he had a clash inside himself, a crisis of faith and decided to write the music which made him happy instead of trying to write music about something he knew little about. Following in the footsteps of the rollingstones, the kinks, the ramones, and all of the old rock and roll bands who wrote about sexuality and free thinking, cock began to find his place, he began to find his sound. playing to college crowds around the country cock began to see and hear that many people were feeling the same way he was, and relating to what he was writing about. in every town he would make new friends and share stories and drinks, he began to find some substance in those situations to create an album not only about sexuality but also about humanity. cock of the walk is a collaboration of writing about those situations, both sexual and spiritual. Cocks writing in this newest work is based on man achieving his desires, about man being the center of his world, it is about man partaking in whatever pleasure that satisfies him. Cock will be playing dates in Europe, asia , and the united states in 2012.

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