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    L114 sums up my last 4 videos about the FBI's murder attempt


    by Mikeoverson

    THE END OF MY CLASSES & BLOG is best explained @ This L114 is told better at Vimeo
    L114 sums up last my 4 videos, (L105, L106, L110 & L113), about the FBI's murder attempt by evicting me. All of these were made due to women and their puppet the FBI and Hawaiian Properties trying to evict me in 9-2012 or 9-12. The #912 means "The Unforgiven" and is a sign that after 19 years of living in Hawaii this murder attempt on me is unforgivable. So it's poetic that this includes Miss Rights for "the one" (that's me) that fell through, (they have apparently turned into mean as hell soar losers). It's unfortunate because we could've been good friends but after the hell they've put me through it's unforgivable. This continues the curse of Ham on blacks from class L105 except this time it includes president Obama who's sins were finally uncovered, I've been defending him for over two years like in classes 167, L97 and L99 here at Vimeo. Like this last line of the description to class 185:
    The thumbnail photo, (of Dumbo and his mom or God), was a sign of both me and president Obama thanking God for the help we get to do our jobs.
    Sorry about the thumbnail of Janet to this L114, I know that was mean but so were my Miss Rights who were called to prevent the 9-11 disaster but refused to obey God's request. I think there was one called for every person who died in the 911 disaster, (i.e. they had thousands of chances to prevent it). The best proof of that is in class 17 @ 39 to 69 minutes here at Vimeo, it's a checkmate on my Miss Rights and my most severe anger at them for not obeying God's request for them to prevent the 911 disaster then to have the nerve to blame it on me.
    Class L114 can be downloaded from page 17 of MikeOversonEndTimes.COM.