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    Teacher Accused Of Hiring a Hitman for Another Teacher

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    Teacher Accused Of Hiring a Hitman for Another Teacher - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    Teaching is a highly respectable profession but who says there aren't any bad teachers.

    One such individual in Florida has been accused of a shocking act. James Pepe, a social studies teacher at Bloomingdale High School has been arrested for Solicitation of First Degree Murder.

    A witness reportedly contacted police to inform them that Pepe was allegedly planning to kill another teacher, Robert Meredith from a nearby high school. A sting operation was set up and Pepe purportedly told an undercover officer he could pay $2,000 to have a situation “taken care of”.

    According to authorities both teachers had once worked together at the same school. Apparently some bickering started between the two and got so bad that Pepe transferred. Although it remains unclear what started the feuding, a police spokesman stated “Meredith was allegedly telling everybody Pepe was a child molester”.

    Earlier this year, a doctor was accused of a similar crime. Dr. Thomas Michael Dixon reportedly hired a hitman to kill Dr. Joseph Sonnier. Investigators claimed that Dixon had Sonnier killed because he was dating his ex-girlfriend.