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    Small Business Loans


    by Infinity-Funding

    Infinity Funding is about small business loans. Unlike the SBA ( small Business
    Administration ) Infinity Funding is a professional lending company whose mission
    is to provide small business loans and financing to small and mid-sized
    companies throughout the United States.
    Giving a struggling company the capitalization that they are in need of but, can not receive through traditional forms of financing.

    Infinity Funding is able to do this in 98% of the cases put before them, regardless
    of whatever the reason may be for the company's previous denials.
    Thus, giving small to mid-sized businesses a viable working solution.
    the cash they need to stay afloat.

    Infinity Funding has found several innovative ways to provide this quickly needed cash for small to mid-sized companies allowing owners to take full advantage of immediate opportunities to grow their companies within their marketplace.

    Infinity Funding has formulated small business loans and cash advance programs that are based on hidden assets that "Credit Card Processing Receivables" based lenders never take into consideration.

    They make it simple to apply, and provide an almost immediate approval and funding process that ensures you get the capital your business needs quickly.

    With over 14 years of experience in financing small to mid-sized businesses, Infinity Funding brings its inside industry knowledge and tenacity into play by helping every merchant that comes to them find the best solution for their particular needs.

    Whether it's a high risk merchant situation or large ticket and high volume merchant. Infinity Funding has the experience and know-how that has helped get these merchants the financing they need faster and at better rates than any of their competitors.

    With key alliances and strategic relationships to the biggest names in the business on board with Infinity Funding, our customers can draw on a wealth of resources, knowing that they are protected by the best in the business.

    We hope that you will give us a chance to earn your business and that you will keep us as a trusted resource for many years to come!

    Because in our name says a lot about what we do, "Funding one company at a time to Infinity"and beyond... 877-209-8791