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How to Prevent Cavities: Soda and My Teeth

5 years ago104 views

how to prevent cavities
Hello and welcome to Incredible Smiles. My name is Dr. Lori Kemmet, founder and owner of Incredible Smiles, a general dentistry in Boulder. It is also a cosmetic dentistry in Boulder
Want to know how to prevent cavities? Most of the time it has to do with our lack of brushing and flossing. But for the younger generation and even for those in our 30s 40s and 50s, we still get decay. A lot of people ask, "Why do I have a cavity?" A major culprit of decay in teeth is soda drinking, or gatorade drinking. Anything that might have a little sweetness to it. The two worst things to drink are Mountain Dew or Coke. These two drinks cause a lot of decay in teeth which can cause teeth pain. A lot of times I find decay in teeth with my teenagers because they drink it to stay awake to study. Here is how to prevent cavities. The best way to neutralize the effects of this acid on your teeth is to brushing teeth with baking soda. And the sooner that you do that after drinking soda the better. You want to neutralize that acid as soon as possible. Otherwise that acid is making a hole in your mouth. So you want to learn how to prevent cavities? At the very least rinse with water, but if you can brushing teeth with baking soda works well. To find out anything about dental decay, dental implants, or a general dentistry in boulder visit my website listed at the top of this description, or call (303) 499-0013.
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how to prevent cavities