Ultimate Diabolo by Timothy Ellis (DVD) - Magic Trick

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Available from http://www.world-of-magic.co.uk
Somewhere between the Erie Canal and Niagra River Timothy Ellis began his Diabolo Career. Already an avid manipulator of props Ellis shifted his intense focus on the ancient Chinese toy in 2005. Thousands have already learned from Ellis in seminars and festivals. And now its your turn.
This DVD Includes
The Basics How to start you diabolo how to keep it spinning and how to make corrections.
Accelerations Exciting ways to get your diabolo spinning fast. Real fast
Throws amp Catches Cool ways to get your diabolo into the air and catch it with finesse.
Body Work Make the diabolo jump over your leg arm foot even both arms at the same time.
String Tricks From the basic String Climb to Trashs Web get the string into the action and really wow your audiences.
Starts amp Finishes A Collection of the most awesome ways to get into and out of your diabolo routines.
Grinds Whether you spin it on your stick or your finger these off-string feats are sure to get people excited.
Suns Takes you through the most basic Sun tricks to the very impressive and very advanced.
Suicides Goes over the different ways you can let go of a stick and re-catch it without losing your diabolo.
Genocides Let go of a stick throw the diabolo catch the diabolo catch the stick and keep on spinning.
Excalibur Turn your diabolo tricks on their side.. literally.
Two Diabolos The most complete explanation of two diabolo tricks available. Learn the Basic Shuffle to Vortexes all the way to Suicide Sprinkler Exits.
And a Special Features section with Audio Commentary on selected footage by Ellis and some of the Magic Geek Crew. Each section features four different ways to learn in-studio explanations slow-motion examples visual diagrams and real-world demonstrations.
This DVD builds confidence in beginners giving them a robust foundation to build on. Intermediate and advanced diaboloists will find a challenging colle