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    VS Knight Lamune & 40 Fire E03

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    Skinnyterminolo767 -> see it at this site
    By Skinnyterminolo7672 weeks ago
    N. Prime - Vintage, Rare & Modern Animation
    Only visit those links in the lower comment if you don't mind torrenting for your animes and stuff. I essentially posted the episodes of VS Knight Lamune & 40 Fire (along with other animes/cartoons) on Dailymotion for anyone willing to watch them without having to download/torrent anything on their own, which could be a pain depending on what series you're looking for.

    Great to meet you on here Suzaku (though I never expected it), and thank you guys for fansubbing this cool series!
    Cynthia Hicks
    Rather than watching the videos here posted W/O permission I might add,,,
    try getting it from their SOURCE...

    Suzaku of Live-eviL
    By Cynthia Hicks3 years ago