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    Informix Partners to the Rescue


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    The grocery stores evolved to become supermarkets, their IT evolved as well, up to a point... Krog-Mart had a dramatic IT failure after the implementation of GlobuCz. Will John Guillaume Parker and the Informix partners recover Krog-Mart? Find out by watching this short video.

    Special thanks to:
    François Dénommée (Epigones Group)
    Yusuf Desai (Gillani)
    Ron Flannery (One Point Solutions)
    Manal Fouad (eSmartSoft)
    Hubert Hoeltz (Querix)
    Syed Kamal (Gillani)
    Mahmoud Kassen (eSmartSoft)
    Cindy Lichtenauer (One Point Solutions)
    & Marylène Perrin

    Thanks to for letting us use "Over the Rainbow" from Facing Future by Israel IZ Kamakawiwo ole.
    Par GreenIvoryIl y a 9 ans