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    Aamir Liaquat ka Khitab Relly se Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman ke saat on Geo at 1PM News Beepar

    Aamir Liaquat's Lover

    by Aamir Liaquat's Lover

    I Really appreciate to Dr.Aamir Liaquat he is doing a great job for Muslim. He is educating people to be one nation.we must support him.
    We never have adopted diplomatic resolution to this problem,Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain has expressed his views on Samaa News with Gharida Faroqui and PTV's program "Sach Tu Yeah Ha, he has discussed current crises regarding protest against blasphemous movie, and said; "We have become victims of frustration and have completely lost hope from our leadership, that they would ever do any good for us, they were simply failed to represent us at any.
    What has happened on Friday was regret able, just imagine the level of frustration that a young student has committed suicide, for the reason nobody in Pakistan was able to represent true spirit of Muslims, everybody has different level of faith and belief, being a Muslim we are hurt so badly that we have completely lost sense of direction, and have become violent, and these are basically extra ordinary circumstances, where our administration is failed by all means.
    Dr. Amir Liaquat was highly appreciated for his efforts that he made to stop violence, while conducting program on Geo News Channel, and he has also said that if the anchors of other channels would have done similar effort then they could have control the situation more effectively.
    Being religious it is not like we should be offering prayers all the time, instead it is complete code of conduct in every aspect of life, total surrender and total obedience is required, utter submission to the teachings of our Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH, if we have such level of submission, we would not have done anything, that we did on Friday.
    In Islam we get message of dialogue and Islam is the very first religion that have signed accord with Jews, Islam gives room for open challenge and discussions. It was matter of our prestige and honor that is why we have agitated and we strongly protest against making blasphemous movie, we can indulge Western World and Jews to listen to what we have to say in this regard, we can boycott their consumer products, as being consumers we are their main source of income, if only Arab women stop using cosmetic products, that mostly Jews are making, they will be indulge to refrain themselves ever in the future.
    We never have adopted diplomatic resolution to this problem, and for the past 14 days we haven't recorded strong protest to the diplomats of USA. Efforts of our religious scholars were not up to the mark, they should have get united on the issue, and instead of various flags, if we came out on one plate form, we could have save precious lives of our brethrens.
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