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    『ケイオス「アリア」の食尽』"Dark Aria" Working Title


    by Taira2032

    [3rd]For those who don't have NiconicoDouga accounts, it's about time I released these to the West as well; Latest so far, my third entry for BerserkOVA/Hirasawa Susumu "Aria festival" contest as officially announced
    "Chaos Aria total eclipse", this one is rather bold - the instrumental being entirely my own composition (remaster inspired by "Totsu Hen Gen/Hen Gen Jizai" style strings,
    rendered with the best VST software and re-made old elements from my original MIDI also adding XGlite with Yamaha PSR E-213.) Then match-edited Hirasawa-sensei's original Aria vocals in accord to it, since it is not a cover/arragement of his
    Aria score, for more information:
    The video is also mine, even if I didin't have time to make all the filters and animations I had planned on the initial script.

    Nevertheless its slow reception at first ("dark"-style Hirasawaness isn't very popular in the fanbase), the interest increased a bit after it got introduced on a Niconico World Entertainment News livestream last night.

    Now, there are two more coming up - an "omake" to freshen up after Chaos Aria,
    and the last one being entirely mine "studio" performance of the song, with my
    final romaji/katakana version as seen on this here Chaos video.

    Original upload: (Taira2032), 2012.