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    Handwritten Letter From 1933 Finally Delivered

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    by Geo Beats

    Handwritten Letter From 1933 Finally Delivered - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    One family got a surprise after a hand-written letter from the 1933 was finally delivered. Vicki Berg’s mother had just moved into a home in Westminster, Colorado when she discovered the written note along with photographs in 1960.
    Before Berg’s mother passed away, she asked for the articles to be delivered to their rightful owner. Berg eventually contacted a news agency to assist in the hunt for the descendants of W.J. Chafee at the Purina company and his wife Margaret Ann. After some researching, the letter finally reached an ancestor, Carolyn Chafee Howard. The note was from a family friend and told of life in Puerto Rico in the 1930s.

    Earlier this year, a long-lost love letter was returned to its owner. Dick and Arlene Hauck are married now, but they were dating back in 1950s. Dick was in the army and he constantly wrote to Arlene. However, one letter of great significance was lost until a contractor found it and returned it to the Hauck’s in 2012. The note from 1952 contained the initial marriage proposal and stated “I got your ring today, I sure hope you will like it. I wish I could have gotten it long ago darling”.