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    Occupy Chicago protesters arrests found‘unconstitutional'

    Vitruvius Technologos

    by Vitruvius Technologos

    Occupy Chicago protesters arrests found‘unconstitutional' A Cook County judge dismissed charges against 92 Occupy protesters arrested in a Chicago park last October, ruling that the city’s overnight park curfew violated the First Amendment and was being enforced selectively.

    Associate Judge Thomas M. Donnelly noted that police had arrested hundreds in a crackdown on the protesters' encampment when the park closed at 11:00pm local time, but had not moved against the 500,000 people who came to see Barack Obama after he won the presidency in 2008.

    "The city arrested no one at the Obama 2008 presidential election victory rally, even though the Obama rally was equally in violation of the curfew," Judge Donnelly wrote.