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    United Kingdom Talk Saturday 29th September 2012

    Chris Reardon

    by Chris Reardon

    Chris Reardon's Talk Show.
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    Welcome to the world George, my nieces new baby.
    A trip to the doctor - as a last resort.
    My name in lights at last.
    Ronny flushes my toilets.
    Being nice.
    Very tired & weak.
    Katie has a moan.
    Craig's Daleks.
    Send in your money saving ideas.
    My sister loses weight.
    A new fence for my friend. Wokingham Fences.
    People on diets need encouragement.
    You've got to play the game. I'm not making it up.
    A hard time giving birth.
    A little long head, which will return to normal.
    The water meter is here.
    No donations please.
    Marj's well.
    Killer cats.
    Bring a toothbrush.
    Why pay if it's free ?