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Stand-alone PV System - SOLAREXPO 2012 - Interview to Giulio Barbieri

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Solarexpo 2012 - Verona, Italy
- POWER ISLAND - Stand alone photovoltaic system for domestic use
- GREEN UP - Solar bus shelter
- SELF ENERGY CARPORT - EV charging carport for electric vehicles

POWER ISLAND is a small insulated 6 feet container.
It holds:
- inverters
- charge controllers
- battery bank
"Power Island" is an eco-friendly current generator to be connected to photovoltaic or wind power plants.
It makes possible to generate in complete autonomy electricity enough for domestic use. It is the ideal solution to provide energy to isolated areas not served by the electricity grid.

GREEN UP is a smart solar bus shelter, a technologically advanced shelter that can supply the following services:
- charging point for mobiles, smartphones, etc.
- WI-FI Internet access point
- LED night illumination
Info and advertising spaces realised with PVC fabrics or backlit panels (optional)
Ventilation system (optional) to cool down the air during warm periods.

SELF ENERGY CARPORT is an innovative carport with the possibility to charge the electric cars easily at home just harnessing solar power. The answer to these requirements is to install the glass carport equipped with a PV plant supplied with accumulation and storage batteries for the energy generated by 6 PV-panels during day-time.


Giulio Barbieri S.p.A.
Via Ferrara, 41 - 44028 Poggio Renatico (Fe) - Italy
Tel. (+39) 0532 82.15.11 - Fax (+39) 0532 82.15.55

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Stand-alone PV System - SOLAREXPO 2012 - Interview to Giulio Barbieri
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