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    Animals Adopting Animals of Different Species

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    by Geo Beats

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    Animals Adopting Animals of Different Species - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    Sometimes, even inter-racial adoptions raise eyebrows in our society. Imagine adoption involving 2 different species. Here are 5 such remarkable stories:

    Number 5 - According to a BBC report, a red panda was adopted by a zoo keeper's cat in a Dutch zoo after it was rejected by its mother. The Dutch tabby who had recently given birth to four kittens, nursed the panda cub and took care of him like her own babies.

    Number 4 - Anne Young, an amateur photographer captured pictures of a male monkey lovingly grooming, hugging and cuddling a kitten in the forests of Bali, Indonesia. The Washington Post reports that the two were inseparable and when the forest officials tried to separate them, the kitten would go right back to the monkey.

    Number 3 - A golden retriever adopted three white tiger cubs in a rural Kansas zoo after their own mother abandoned them hours following their birth. The dog, belonging to the owner of the zoo, nursed and took care of the cubs.

    Number 2 - According to ITN news, a French bulldog named Baby adopted six wild boar piglets after finding them in woods near her home in Berlin. The piglet's mother was allegedly shot by the hunters. Baby, the surrogate mom took full responsibility of the little ones - feeding and playing with them.

    Number 1 - In another emotional story, Sasha, a rescued dog who escaped euthanization after being rescued by a Missouri shelter nursed, groomed, and took care of an orphaned baby raccoon who was brought in to the same shelter.

    Which is your favorite story?