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    Woman Allegedly Shoots Husband to Protect Cat

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    Woman Allegedly Shoots Husband to Protect Cat - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    They say pets are members of the family.

    One Texas woman may have taken that statement a little too wholeheartedly. 42-year-old, Audrey Deen Miller was arrested after going to extreme measures to protect her cat. Miller and her husband began arguing and it escalated to the point where he reportedly threatened to harm one of the household cats. But before he had the chance, Miller allegedly brandished a 40-caliber semiautomatic gun and shot her hubby in the stomach. The husband was taken to a local hospital where he was said to be in stable condition and Miller was arrested. The cat was not harmed during the incident.

    In a reverse scenario, a Florida cat was praised for saving its master’s life earlier this year. Jennifer Chap was working from home when her kitty, Buddy began making desperate attempts to get her attention: scratching, pouncing and meowing. Buddy was trying to bring attention to Jennifer’s husband, Rick Chap who had just been struck with sudden cardiac arrest. Due to the cat’s quick alert, Rick was able to survive.