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    One Hand Popover by Aaron Fisher (DVD) - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    Its not there. Its there.
    Thats how quickly amazingly and impossibly a card pops out of the deck with Aaron Fishers powerful new sleight One-hand Popover. Based on J.K. Hartmans Popover this new revelation is the basis for a wide variety of visually stunning card illusions from Ace productions to transpositions to card stabs - all made more remarkable because youre holding the deck with just one hand.
    First taught in The Paper Engine Aarons acclaimed book on advanced card technique One-Hand Popover is now part of Aarons Personal Training Series on DVD where you can learn every nuance of this move - from exact finger placement to critical timing issues - as if its creator were sitting right across from you in your living room.
    On the One-Hand Popover DVD youll find many never before seen practical uses for this celebrated production. But thats not all. Youll also get
    All the technology that Aaron has developed with this dynamic move in the 10 years since he wrote The Paper Engine. New different and more powerful applications You bet.The seamless direction of Wayne Houchin and Dana Hocking. When these directors collaborate with Aaron Fisher you know youre getting the very finest teaching available in magic today combined with the very best direction available in the magic instructional market. The result is a teaching tool unlike any other.
    Even if youre scared of advanced sleight of hand Aaron will guide you through every step of the learning process ensuring that youll not only learn the One-Hand Popover youll master it - and in far less time than you ever thought possible.One-Hand Popover
    Running Time Approximately 60mins