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    Sell My House Fast York PA - With Owner Financing - Rent To Own Home York PA

    Sell Your House Fast York PA - Hello. My name is Mindy Bouman. I am a partner with Rent To Own Home

    Are you having trouble selling your house?

    Have you tried selling your home the traditional route of listing your home with a realtor or selling your house For Sale By Owner?

    Have you had few to no offers on your house?

    Has your listing expired, and still your house is not sold?

    We understand this is a tough time for the real estate market.

    Home Buyers are having a tough time getting financing.

    At Rent To Own Home we match Rent To Own Home Buyers with Rent To Own Home Sellers By Arranging a Seller Financing Sales Agreement.

    We Find You Good Quality Buyers – And we bring them to you. There are many home buying candidates who have good, stable, long term employment but may have short term credit blemishes. If credit repair is needed we have the buyer work with a mortgage professional to guide them down the path to restore their credit to obtain a mortgage.

    And not all applicants are in need of credit repair. Self employed persons often have a more difficult time qualifying for a mortgage without at least 2 years tax returns.

    Or the buyer could have had been recently re-hired back in their original industry with a good paying job but had been unemployed for longer than traditional financing will allow.

    Buyer demand for seller financed homes is high - you are offering a unique opportunity the buyer may not be able to find elsewhere.

    You Make More Money On The Sale - Seller financed buyers are more willing to pay your listing price, due to the unique opportunity you are offering them. You will not have the traditional real estate commissions of 6-7% coming out of your pocket.

    Buyers are responsible all maintenance and taxes on the property, including mowing the grass, snow removal, general maintenance and any other needed repairs.

    Buyers have skin in the game and have a strong interest in following through. Buyers pay an option fee up front - normally 5% of the purchase price. Plus, just like a mortgage payment a portion of each monthly payment goes toward principle pay down and a portion toward interest. If they do not follow through they loose these benefits, walking away from thousands of dollars on the table.

    Prospective Buyers Are Prequalified and Screened - Our mortgage professional reviews each buyer’s application to determine the length time until the buyer will qualify for a mortgage. They verify income and employment information, references are checked, previous landlords contacted and criminal backgrounds checked.

    With Rent To Own Home - You get top dollar for your house, save on selling costs, and get your house sold fast.

    If you have any questions for us please give us a call. Or if you are ready to get your house sold fill out the Apply Now To Sell Form on our web site. Thank you.