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    Family Adopts Snake With Two Heads

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    by Geo Beats

    Family Adopts Snake With Two Heads - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    Would you consider a snake as an attractive creature? How about a two-headed serpent?

    A family from South Carolina has become fond of a real-life two-headed snake and they have been taking care of him for several weeks.

    The brother and sister duo, Savanna and Preston Logan have even taken the bizarre creature to school. The children’s mother states “One head's bigger and one's more dominant than the other, but they both seem to control the body, the main head will do one thing then the other part is trying to go the opposite direction”.

    The grandfather took the serpent to a biology department, where he was told that it was an adult rough earth snake, with a few extra features.

    Last year, a man from Tennessee, Paul Carver found another snake with two heads. Carver states “I was worried about which head was going to bite me”. So, he brought it to a wildlife officer, who was just as bewildered by the odd serpent.

    The black and yellow, 8 inch long, baby king snake had two heads stemming from the same end with two functioning brains.