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    Goodyear to Start Testing Self-Inflating Tires

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    by Geo Beats

    Goodyear to Start Testing Self-Inflating Tires - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    Goodyear has developed technology for self inflating truck tires based on their previous ideas for passenger vehicles.

    Commercial trucks will reportedly be the first to test the new technology in trials beginning in 2013. Goodyear claims that the majority of drivers check the pressure of their tires only once a year, so their new self inflating tires will benefit those drivers who don’t even realize their tires are low on air. The new system has a sensor that can tell when air pressure is low. When that happens, a built in valve in the tire opens. Using the weight of the car, a tube in the valve gets compressed, allowing air in.

    The system is called Air Maintenance Technology, or AMT. Overdrive Magazine reports that “a grant from the Luxembourg government for research and development will continue to help fund Goodyear's efforts in researching and developing the AMT system for consumer tires.”

    Vehicles with low tire air pressure use more gas, and the tires wear out much faster posing a risk for blow out when the tire heats up from added friction.

    What do you think about self-inflating tires?