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    Dangers of Cell Towers (Radiation Meters)


    by radiationprotection


    What will it take to Alert People to the Dangers of Cell Towers?

    With so much evidence about cell tower radiation health risks, how is it that governments allow cell phone companies to continue to erect more and more cell towers and antennas? One factor, of course, is that although ever-growing numbers of people are voicing concerns about possible health risks of cells towers, most people want good reception on their phones, wherever they happen to be. And competing cell phone companies are very accommodating; they strive to put up as many cell towers and antennas as they can to keep their far-roaming customers satisfied.

    But another reason is that governments continue to protect the right of the telecom industry to put up as many towers as they want. In the US, the wireless industry is protected by Article 704 of the Telecommunications Act, signed by President Clinton in 1996. This act does not allow rejection of a tower based on health risks. It even prohibits arguments of potential health risks from towers to be made at a public hearing.

    It’s well-known that the US government receives sizable revenues every year in taxes from the telecommunications industry. And the telecom industry, of course, benefits greatly from its sales that are now sky-rocketing, even in a depressed economy. A speaker at a recent hearing on the subject of the dangers of cell towers aptly quoted Upton Sinclair: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on him not understanding it.”