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    Bellini - Norma Va! Crudel Most popular dramatic duets by soprano xxAtlantianKnightxx

    Nicholia Mazarakes

    by Nicholia Mazarakes

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    Nicholia, I have fought her feelings there are some moments of pain but I found my lady .You are the only woman in my life!. You thought my love would be enough all my pain inside of my heart ! Our Love lighting the way.
    By Alex3 years ago
    Luna Rossa
    Definitely the best in the best scenic backdrop directing Norma and one of the greatest conductors Bellini ..there are no words.
    By Luna Rossa3 years ago
    Une larme silencieuse glissa sur sa joue comme il lentement la main dans sa poche et a passé son un billet plié :)
    By Amanda3 years ago
    Dank liebling, die eine geschichte von meinem herzen ist!
    By Tokay3 years ago
    Nicholas Antony  Paraskevas
    Comme le soleil se lève dans la Rome si l'aube naissante de mon amour commence. Comme le soleil se couche dans la Rome je suis submergé par un désir ardent...Je t'aime, baisers, Je t'aime, baisers, Je t'aime!
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