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    Telepath Cellular Conjury by Alpha Magic - DVD - Magic Trick

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    by World Of Magic

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    Telepath Cellular Conjury
    by Alpha Magic

    Harness technology with magic and youll get conjuring that will earn you a reputation of a miracle-worker
    Never before has such a system being released to the magic community. Never before has so much detail been put into one package. Youll get a complete manuscript a CD-ROM and a training DVD.
    It was one year of hard work and real world performances before this system materialized.
    It was a daunting task having to put forth so much detail.. but it was worth it.
    This is different. This is new-age stuff. This is modern day magic.
    This is Telepath.
    Lets just tell you about the first routine taught in our DVD. Its called Telepathy. And take a look at what it can do
    Theres a cell phone down in full view on the table. You borrow a deck of cards. Get someone to shuffle it thoroughly.
    You start dealing the cards from the deck one by one down on to the table. Clean and slow. Heck you can even deal the cards face up for good measure. Its a normal deck anyway and all cards dealt can be seen in random order. There is nothing to hide.
    Ask them to stop you from dealing at any time to arrive at a selection.. and we mean ANY time. No timing forces no clumsy sleights. If they want to change their minds allow that. It doesnt matter. Nothing can be fairer than that.
    When a selection has been decided on you ask them to visualize the selected card in their minds and focus that mental image on the cell phones blank screen.
    Eerily the screen lights up but nothing can be seen other than the bright illumination.
    Concentrate harder. Simply wave your hand over the phone. An image appears in the screen.
    Its an image of the selected card.
    The revelation is shocking. Everyone is reeling and thinking backwards trying desperately to re-enact what happened. Theyll have no clue..
    .. they know that the card was selected in the fairest possible manner.