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    Tear Down by Andrew Mayne (DVD) - Magic Trick

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    Tear Down
    by Andrew Mayne
    Andrew Mayne presents a radical twist on the classic newspaper tear (based on Jim Steinmeyers Incessant Newspaper) - a completely impromptu and inspectable newspaper tear
    A spectator is asked to sign a totally unprepared newspaper right off the newsstand. The magician then takes the paper and rips it to shreds. He crumples the pieces together and then visually restores the newspaper The restored newspaper complete with signature is handed back to the spectator to inspect and keep as a souvenir.
    Totally impromptu No preparation no gimmicks No switches no duplicate newspapers Everything can be inspected before and after the effect Tear Down can be performed with full-sized newspapers tabloid-sized and even magazinesTear Down is one of the most practical and visual newspaper tear youll ever learn. Once you learn it youll be able to perform it anytime anywhere. Zero-preparation no gimmicks no duplicates. Just pick up a newspaper and do it
    Running Time Approximately 33min