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    Trailer - War Child

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    In his home country Sudan, a brutal civil war was raging. His father belonged to the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA). His mother was murdered by government troops. At the time, Emmanuel was seven years old. Soon, the SPLA started shippping children to Ethiopia.

    Emmanuel's father saw to it that Emmanuel was sent there too. But there were nearly 400 kids jammed into the boat. The boat was much too small to hold them. When the boat sunk, very few children survived. Distraught parents searched for their children but Emmanuel's father didn't show up to look for Emmanuel. In Ethiopia, Emmanuel was recruited by the SPLA. He became a child soldier. Then a human rights activist found Emmanuel and took him out of the country. So, he was rescued from this dramatic part of his life's story. But the woman who saved him from a child killer life dies in a mysterious car accident (which the film doesn't go into). The boy ends up roaming the city homeless. He is now 13 years old. Finally, friends of the woman who died save him from despair. Thanks to a scholarship he goes to school. In this phase of his life, he begins working through his civil war experiences by making music. In 2005, Emmanuel lands a hit in Kenya with his song, "Gua". Since then, he is a star in Africa. He sings in English, Arabic, Swahili, and two Sudanese languages. Most child soldiers live a totally different life. For Emmanuel, help appeared out of nowhere in all the crucial moments of his childhood. Most victims of brutal war are not that lucky. In this portrait, director Karim Chrobog concentrates on the how music can be a lifesaver. Music can help people overcome very hopeless-looking situations. Emmanuel Jah's success as a musician allows him to share the love and care that he received with other needy children.

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