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    Driver Rescued From Truck Dangling Off Bridge

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    Truck Dangles Off Bridge In Brazil - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    Truck driving is a dangerous occupation.

    A lorry driver in Southern Brazil is extremely lucky to have survived a near-fatal crash, after his large vehicle collided with a bridge. The operator of the truck, Mr. da Silva was on the road when the vehicle in front of him abruptly stopped.

    He lost control and the truck went over the bridge’s guard rail. The cab can be seen dangling over the water, while the back of the lorry remains on the overpass.

    Travelers stopped to help da Silva, taking them approximately 25 minutes to get him out of the vehicle by using a rope. Luckily he escaped the crash without any injuries, but the bridge began shaking and many believe it could collapse.

    In another report from this year, a Chinese truck driver found himself in a similar horrific situation. His truck tipped over while carrying 30 tons of coal on a bridge. The driver’s leg was pinned between the truck and the overpass; a position which helped to hold him in place until firefighters were able to rescue him.