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    Cat Mistakenly Euthanized

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    Cat Taken for Bath, Mistakenly Euthanized - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    Veterinarians are usually the people we completely trust with our furry friends.

    However, one Massachusetts woman had her trust shattered when her cat was mistakenly euthanized after an appointment for a flea bath. Colleen Conlon of Gardener, scheduled a bathing appointment for her 8-year-old cat named 'Lady'.

    Conlon’s son brought Lady in and filled out some basic paperwork before leaving to retrieve another family cat scheduled to have a flea bath.

    When he returned to the office, he asked the vet if Lady’s bath was done but he was shocked to learn that the cat had been euthanized. Conlon has filed a complaint with the attorney general's office, believing the veterinarian was negligent. Lady was originally Conlon’s daughter’s cat, but she had given the kitty to her mother a year before a fatal car accident had taken her life in 2010.

    Several years ago, another veterinarian was in hot water. 52-year-old, Margaret Fowler ran a holistic veterinarian office out of her own home in Florida. A shocked witness allegedly saw Fowler fatally beating the cat with a rubber mallet.