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    Duct Tape Blindfold by Kenton Knepper (DVD) - Magic Trick

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    Duct Tape Blindfold
    by Kenton Knepper
    Filmed live in several locations...
    Kentons own unique Duct Tape Blindfold Method fully revealed at last
    Kentons incredible Blindfolded Three Card Discovery with three free selections found while blindfolded
    Kentons unique blindfold method uses legitimate gaffers or duct tape. This tape is universally acknowledged as the strongest tape known to man.
    This can be performed entirely impromptu. No preparation of the tape. The performer can act as if legitimately blindfolded because the performer actually cannot see... until desired. The performer can be blind or see in an instant at any time without touching the blindfold at all.
    This blindfold is as real as it gets
    The audience will wince and some nearly faint as the performer slowly removes the duct tape blindfold from his eyes. There is no doubt in anyones mind that it would be impossible to see.
    Now Get This
    NO Nose peeks.
    NO Seeing through the tape.
    The eyes nose and even mouth may be taped (as long as there is enough of a hole to keep breathing easily) and yet Kentons Blindfold can still be used for
    Drawing Duplications
    Determining audience members
    Naming number of fingers held up by a spectator
    Determining who is Queen For The Day or the Guilty party
    Unlimited routines and effects will come to you once you learn Kentons secrets with his original Blindfold creation.
    Unlike other versions the performer can look straight down to the ground and Kentons Blindfold will still allow the performer to see writing people and more easily.
    Its all very simple and direct - the sort of devious solution you would expect from Kenton.
    Note While this special blindfold has endless applications it is not suggested for use in a blindfold drive.
    Kentons 3 Card Blindfold Location routine is tipped in its entirety for the first time ever.
    This routine and original method has blown