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    Time Machine and Touches by Kenton Knepper (DVD) - Magic Trick

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    Time Machine and Touches
    by Kenton Knepper
    A Kenton Classic come to life in living color at last
    Filmed live in several locations...
    Kentons Original Time Machine effect was first revealed to performers in rare lectures and workshops. It became a staple (still is) of Kentons performances. Time Machine finally made its way into Wonder Words... but few performed it until NOW.
    For the first time ever Kenton has allowed the filming of Time Machine in action.
    What is Kentons Time Machine
    Completely under the performers spell the spectator thinks of a time to travel to in a different country.
    She holds tightly to a coin from the U.S. and a more modern time and then goes into a trance...
    When the spectator snaps out of her trance she is shocked to find she is holding a coin from the place she traveled to in her mind ... and confirms the date on the coin is the exact year she imagined
    Finally everything you need to know about this Kenton Klassic at last.
    But thats not all.
    Kenton also included his devious ways of apparently making his spectator forget their own name - sometimes twice in a row Yes you CAN do it. Youll see for yourself once you learn Kentons sneaky secrets.
    Kenton shows additional touches he uses when he performs his Time Machine effect. This includes invisible touches on the arm and head - in real time. No delays no stalling. This is as direct as can be. For those wondering how it would look and play in real life - see for yourself at last These secrets are essentials in all of Kentons trance illusion and Kentonism performances. Now they can be yours as well.
    You get the name forgetting sequence Kentons original hypnosis coin illusion as designed for television Kentons Touched in the Head and Heightened Arm Sensations - with no gimmicks whatsoever and Kentons Time Machine with touches not even explained in Wonder Words... fully revealed for