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    Slither by Rob Bromley and Mark Mason and JB Magic (DVD) - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    by Rob Bromley and Mark Mason and JB Magic
    Now with Instructional DVD Included
    Read Below Several Times... It Happens Exactly as Written.
    This is a single multi purpose gimmick that will allow you to perform absolute miracles.
    From a regular deck you remove the two RED 9s and the two BLACK queens the queens are given to the spectator to hold you SHOW them you only have the two RED 9s Visually the red 9s change into the two black queens. They look in their hand they are holding the two RED ACES.
    A stunning principle the cards can be tossed onto the table and your hands are empty the full cards are shown both back and front no special printing. Easy to do but looks impossible. Also you can perform montes sandwich effects switches etc.
    Learn 2 brilliant routines with the step by step instructional DVD.
    Comes Complete with Slither Gimmicks.
    Running Time Approximately 12min